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Robyna Smith-Keys And familyI am Roby, my pen name is Robyna Smith-Keys. I am the old grey nomad on the left in this family photo.

I was very fortunate to come from a loving family. My Aunty Ellen was a Hairdresser that started teaching me how to put roller in hair, construct a perm and cut peoples hair from a very early age. When I started my hairdressing apprenticeship I was way ahead of all the others at technical college. I loved praise so I always tried to be very good at what I did.  Back then Beauty Therapy was part of the Hairdressing Licence.  It was not until the 1970s, Beauticians started learning about waxing. Although the beauty industry has no major financial rewards the industry is very tactile and emotionally fulfilling.

Hairdressing came natural to me then I studied Beauty Therapy and later went to Nature Care College full time to study Aromatherapy.

I was one of the chosen Hairdressers Beauty Therapist to assist in the formulation of the Industry Standards in early 1990s and again in the 2007-2014 to rewrite the standards as International Standards for the Beauty Industry..

All my training manuals have been written to follow the "Standards"  Now in my Golden Years I host a website for my training manuals and my books called.

Beauty School Books

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Books By Robyna Smith-Keys of Beauty School Books 

My Books To Date

Healing And Training Manuals

Foolproof Aromatherapy

Essential oils can heal, sooth and energize. Learn how to mix. When not to use and all the benefits for hundreds of ailments listed in alphabetical order. User friendly.

The Antique Healer

This is a much large Aromatherapy book with photos and more healings. Also contains wise old women’s remedies.

Organic Cancer Cure

I  Was Not Ready To Lose My Mother. My mother had a few weeks to live. Her Cancer was very aggressive.  I set her up on a healing program of juices, essential oils and herbs. This was all working until she stopped the program. It also has a lovely storey about her life. Married at age 16 until her Passover at 83 years of age.

How to training manuals.

Body Piercing Basics

All the main points on body piercing.

Anatomy For Body Piercers

All Body Piercers should understand the body and how it works this is a wonderful tool for any Body Piercer.

An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooists

A helping hand for a cosmetic tattooist.

Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup Micro-pigmentation Training Manual

A step by step training manual. You could actually teach yourself the trade as this book is so well written.

Eyelash Extensions Grafted Lashes Training Manual

 Step by step instructions with video tutorials. Also cover false eyelashes and party lashes.

Eyebrows Shaping And Tinting To Suit Face Shapes

Step by step instructions with video tutorials on eyebrow shaping, eyelash and brow tinting.

Face & Body Waxing Cosmetology Hair Removal Training Manual

With step by step instruction. Types of wax and their appropriate use for each body part.

Hair Extensions Training Manual

Learn to create hair wefts, weaves, braids, wax in, and clip in Hair Extensions. There are videos to watch in the eBook.

Supernatural Books:-

Spell Folklore

A great book on how to do some positive affirmations also called spells.

Tarot Scrolls 0-22

Ask a question open a page and an inspiring answer will be there for you to read.

Children’s Books:-

 Romeo and Juliette Keep Mark Antony

A wonderful storey about a puppy born on a boat. His white cute and fluffy. True storey with a dash of magic added.

Mark Antony Marries Lizy and Has Puppies

Loaded with photos of all the dogs and the new born puppies. A true story with a dash of fantasy added.