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Face & Body Waxing Cosmetology

Hair Removal Training Manual

Face & Body Waxing Cosmetology  Hair Removal Training Manual

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Face & Body Waxing Cosmetology Hair Removal Training Manual- by Robyna Smith-Keys

SIB10 Beauty Training
SIB50110 Hair Removal Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Paper Back Coloured Cover with bBack & White Pages

face & Body waxing training book 

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BSB Paperback Face & Body Waxing Cosmetology
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Face And Body Waxing Training

Via Web-Conference or In salon

We offer:-

DIY Face and Body Waxing

Cost: [$350]

Description: [CD And DVD On Body Waxing]

Requirements: [non]

~~~~~~~~~   ***   ~~~~~~~~~~

Personal Training In Face and Body Waxing

Cost: [ $145 per hour in your salon minimum 3 hours]

Travel cost paid by you at $0.50 per kilometre.

Description: You choose what you want to learn.

Requirements: Must be a Hairdresser or have done some Beauty Therapy training.

~~~~~~~~  ***  ~~~~~~~~

Learn Face and Body Waxing Via Web Conference.

This is a Full Body Waxing Training Program. Cost ranges from $650 to $1500 depending on your previous knowledge. You will be required to work through the theory and email test answers to your teacher. Practice will be via Web-conferencing with your teacher. As you can see in this photo the teacher needs to be able to see the exact position where you are working on the client.

 You need:-

  1. Waxing tools
  2. Beauty bed
  3. Computer and good internet connection
  4. Skype loaded onto your computer
  5. Web camera on a 3 metre cord .

We cannot accept the camera attached to your computer as you need the camera held by a friend so we can see what you are doing or it can sit on a tripod next to the bed.

Table of Contents for Waxing Books

Types of  Wax Pots and  Wax Rollers

Hot wax pot.

Procedure For Hot Wax

Hot Wax  sites

Strip Wax... Strip Wax Pot

Strip Wax Procedure

Roller Wax

Roller wax  container

Roller Wax  Insert.

Waxing Room Equipment...What You Will  Need:

Removing Ingrown Hairs

Here's How To Remove Ingrown Hairs:

Gentle Aromatherapy Exfoliates for Ingrown Hairs.

For Ingrown Hair Removal  You Need:

Body Sugaring

Sugar Wax Recipe

Halawa Sweet,

AKA Sweet, Egyptian Sugar Wax, or Hair Removal


Hair Removal -- How Waxing & Sugaring Works

Physical Hair Removal - Sugar Waxing

Facial  Waxing

Lip Waxing

Chin Waxing

Nose Hair & Blackheads

Large Pores

Ear Hair

Hair on the lobes

Hair Inside Ears

Women Facial Hair

Men Beards

Beard Waxing

Eyebrow Waxing

The Eyebrow Arch Placement

Hair  Threading Technique.

Basic facts on threading

Threading Description:

Threading Eyebrows Advantages:

Threading Eyebrows Disadvantages:

Clinical data:

Background facts

Government regulation:

Basic Bikini Waxing Styles:

Regular Bikini Wax:

Full Bikini Wax:

French Bikini Wax:

Brazilian Bikini Wax:

Brazilian Info Continued.....

Triple x or Sphinx

Nipple Waxing

Under Arm Waxing

Chest  Waxing Women

Chest Waxing Men

Back Waxing

Leg Waxing

Knee Waxing

Other Things to know about Waxing:

Tips on Genital Area Waxing:

Pre Brazilian Waxing Prep:

Tell your client

Post Brazilian Waxing Care:

Things to say to the client.

Hair System.

Hair Growth System




Hair Types







Hair Growth

Understanding how hair grows


Hair Removal with Shaving

Physical Hair Removal

Physical Hair Removal – Plucking

Physical Hair Removal – Waxing

Quiz Yourself

.About Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts

WARNINGS OF When to Be Cautious:

When Not to Get Waxed:

Do's and Don'ts Photo Pages

When the Golden Rules Don't Work.

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How To Training Manuals.

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Wax Care Sheet

Waxing Before & After Care Although we can not predict or guarantee who may react, most clients do not experience reactions beyond redness and minor irritation. Hair may break at the root during waxing, if hair is thin or weak, causing some hairs to grow out faster. Please follow these guidelines to minimize irritation  ingrown hairs and possible break outs.

Our Top 8 Waxing Tips

Note each book may differ slightly.

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A few pages

There are right and wrong methods for everything we do. My books give you the opportunity to explore and consider the right way to do things.

Body Waxing book

Body Waxing by Robyna Smith-Keys

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