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Cancer Cure Free Book

Mum was told she had a few days to a couple of weeks to live and she looked like all her life had gone out of her. Beetroot juice, turmeric, black pepper and lavender from Tasmanian gave mum back her quality of life, her energy to do gardening again returned and her completion returned to peaches and cream after being a deathly grey colour.

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Cure Cancer Organically.

The Doctor said, my mother had three days to three weeks at most. When we enquired if she could have treatment to give her a bit more time they said,
“no her cancer is very aggressive.”
I was not ready to lose my mother.
Mum said,
“I would do anything to live until Christmas. Just one more Christmas would be lovely.”

If you or someone you love have cancer then you need to read this free book. If you have trouble downloading it from here then please go to Amazon or Smashwords and download it.

This organic cure worked for my mother it might work for you as well. God bless you. x


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