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Cosmetic Tattooing Permanent Makeup Micro-Pigmentation Training Manual " Volume 6.  .
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One Left December 2018/span>

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6" X 9" {15.24 X 22.85 CM
Black & White 352 Pages
Robyna Smith-Keys
ISBN 13: 970-0987506580

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After winning many industry awards over a 50 year period the Author Robyna Smith-Keys now writes training manuals. Her field of expertise extents to the Hairdressing, Alternative Health, Aromatherapy and Beauty Industry.

To add to her credits Robyna in the early 1990s was chosen to be part of the Australian Standards new regulations, laws and guidelines and again for the rewrites in 2007-2014 of the International Standards. Over many years she devoted time to writing procedure manuals for her staff. Those notes have now been gathered and placed in her large range of training manuals. Her students questions would prompt her to rewrite the how to sections. Robyna always welcomes constructive criticism. Her belief is that you can never ever improve without the valuable feedback from others. If you are not there to show them then they need to understand the procedure note you write for them. We feel without mistaken belief most students and beauty therapist (Beauticians) will gain valuable information from her work.

Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup Micropigmentation Training Manual.
By Robyna Smith-Keys

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With the help of two of my students over many months we read all the learning information available.
Our consideration was outback students that do not have the privilege of feeding their learning from other students. We have tried to add as much helpful information in this manual as we possibly could and set it out as a reference tool. No one in their right mind wants to wait years to become an expert.

Note "An Angel for Cosmetic Tattooist has all the same information. However it does not have the tests nor the section on Areola tattooing nor Micro Needling.


"An Angel For Cosmetic Tattoo" By Robyna Smith-Keys. Paperback Copy in black and white or choose full colour.

Coloured Cover with black ink on white pages or select book as  full colour. Once you purchase the paper back copy you can also purchase the book as an EBook at 40% discount.

 An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooist:  Sold out

A How To Guide For The Technician - Authored by Robyna Smith-Keys

 An Angel4CosmeticTattooistCover-EbookLge.png
List Price: $86.00
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 
Black & White on White paper
226 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0987506559 
ISBN-10: 0987506552 
BISAC: Education / Adult & Continuing Education


Full Colour Version
An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooist:  Sold Out
A Training Guide For The Technician Authored by Robyna Smith-Keys AIMM


List Price: $125.00
5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) 

Full Colour on White paper
226 pages
Robyn Keys-Smith
ISBN-13: 978-0987506566 
ISBN-10: 0987506560 
BISAC: Education / Training & Certification
This is the full colour version to assist with visual aids.

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An Angel for Cosmetic Tattooists contains everything you will require - to enter, the field of becoming a permanent makeup technician. The pictures in this copy are black & white. It may also help existing Cosmetic Tattooist improve some of their skill. After 50 years of training others, Robyna has now retired. All her handwritten notes have all been compiled and placed into training manuals. Robyna asked her students to assist with the book and tell her what they needed. The book was given a trial run several times to see if students could work through the book and use it as a reference and how to guide. With their input, the book was revised 20 times before it was released for sale. Robyna first produced the book called "Cosmetic Tattooist Permanent Makeup Micropigmentation Training Manual" in 2007. Then reduced its contents to create this book "An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooists." All the main topics are the same in both books. However, this book does not have the training questions. Without hesitation, we recommend this book, to both professional tattooist and students. You would be well advised to have this book in your collection. If you are new to this field we recommend you purchase the full training manual "Cosmetic Tattooist Permanent Makeup Micropigmentation Training Manual"  

Robyna was proud to be chosen to sit on the committee to rewrite the Australian Standards in the Early 1990s for the Hair, Health, and Beauty industry. Again in 2007 - 2014 to rewrite the International Standards. To add to her credits Robyna has been presented with several industry awards. This book was published in 2010 and has since been revised in May 2016


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Book Contents for

Cosmetic Tattooing Permanent Makeup Micro-Pigmentation Training Manual

What is Permanent Make-Up?
Audio Reading of this book.
Prior knowledge required
Let’s Get To It
Information about this TRAINING MANAUAL
The main TOPICS ARE:
Suggested resources
Books To Read
Colour Atlas of Cosmetic Dermatology
Let’s Begin
Practice Sheets:
Training Module A1.1 Watch & Comment on U-tube
Training Module A1.1a
The 1st consultation with clients is:-
The 2nd consultation is:-
The 3rd consultation is:-
The 4th consultation is:-
The 5th consultation is:-
Pricing in the early days.
Pricing Your Work
Section A
Prepare for treatment
Micropigmentation aims to:-
infection control procedures
Step 2
Training Module A2.1 Treatment Plan & Clients Permission Form
Why People Choose to have Cosmetic Tattooing.

Treatment Plan Example.
After Tattooing Advice
Training Module A2.1A CLIENTS Treatment Plan Card
Appointment card Example
Training Module A2.1a Client Take Home Aftercare
Client take home care sheet
Training Module A2.2 Clients Questions
So explain it to the client like this….
Lips lose a lot of colour
Postpone The Treatment
Active skin disorders
Keloid formation
Broken skin
Cold Sores
Photos to show clients
Training Module A2.3 Treatment recommendations
Organic and inorganic pigments
Organic and inorganic pigments
Powered Pigments
Skin and pigments
Important colours to have in your kit.
Eyebrows COLOURS:
The lips COLOURS:
The eyeliners COLOURS:
Pigment colours
These revolving colour charts.
Colour corrective mixing
Skin and pigments
Training Module A2.4 Research Suppliers/Manufacturers
Training Module A2.5 Anaesthetics
Anaesthetics Ingredients research
These are my findings on Benzocaine Anaesthetics.
Benzocaine/Pyrilamine/Zinc Oxide
Tetracaine (hydrochloride )
Training Module A2.6 Research Local Cosmetic tattooist consent forms.
Training Module A2.7 Providing info to client
Section B Perform cosmetic tattooing/micropigmentation procedures
What you will cover in this section
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Training Module B1.1 Service area preventing infection
Training Module B1.1 Tools
Training Module B1.2 Identify Sterilizers
Loading Sterilizer
Training Module B1.3 Sterilization paper work
Operating the sterilizer
Training Module B1.4 Step by step info Sterilization
Sterilization in brief.
Headings for the sterilization book
Set up tray FOR LIP liner procedure
Tray Set Up
Step 2
A Before and after photo on the day is most important.
Step 3
Rotary pen machine
Coil machine
Manual machines
Machines secrets
The most important thing you should know about is:-
Needle depth
Needle sleeves/ cartridge
Single prong needles
Single prong needles
Two prong flat needles
Three prong needles
Four prong needles
Five prong needles
Eight prong needles
Needle Sizes
Step 3
Pigment dipping
Portion control
Single-use sterile swabs
Brow procedure
Left diagram f. Eye shaping
Brow Colours
Training Module B3.1
Upper eyeliner procedure
Lower eyeliner procedure
Aromatherapy Eye Oil
Training Module B3.2 Practice lower Lips
Rules for eye area
Lip liner procedure
Lip blend procedure
Full lip colour procedure
Recapture Full lip
Training Module B3.3 Practice Lip procedure
Section C Provide aftercare
What you will cover in this section
Step 1
Step 2
Step 1
Training Module C1.1 Obtaining Feedback
Aftercare advice
Step 2
Follow up treatment procedure
Training Module A2.1
Training Module A2.1a Treatment Plan
A Client Form
A Treatment Plan Form
Training Module A2.2 Clients Possible Questions

Training Module A2.7
Training Module C1.1 FEEDBACK
What is Permanent Make-Up?
Shaping & Colour Correction Rules
Removing/ Fading Colour
Pigment Do's and Don'ts
Shaping & Colour Correction Rules
How to Remove or Fade Down Colour With Glyco Gel
Do’s and Do Not's
Never Use White To Lighten Colours For The FACE

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Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup Micro-pigmentation Training Manual


An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooist Edition 7:
Library Version Full Colour

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An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooist:    Black & White


An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooist: