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Derma wands

What you should know about :-

1.      Derma Wands

2.     Ultrasound

3.     High Frequency Vs Galvanic Facial Machines

I have supplied you with enough info here, for you to be able to make an informed decision about what machine will work best for you or your salon.

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With all the hype about Derma Wands on TV these days I thought I should write a paper to inform you about facial machines and what to look out for.

Derma Wand

Derma Wand is a commercial name someone gave a machine to make money from. The name Derma wand has no skin therapy relevance.

D o Derma wands work?
Do they do what the advertisers are saving they do?

When I researched these machines I found that most companies that sold the machines could not answer my questions. So I purchased a few machines and tried each of them for two weeks. Out of all the machines I tried I noticed a very slight difference in my skin.

 I would have to say “yes” they work. My point is however, they will not replace going to a highly qualified Beauty Therapist for a facial. Most Beauty Therapist only study facial machines for a few weeks and most of them are too young to experience the benefits of facial apparatus. Asian and European therapist have amazing skin due to their climate and seldom need a facial apparatus to enhance the texture of their skin.

 However, they do have the same dropping/falling activity to their facial muscles as the rest of us, as they age.
My hope with this short to the point article, is to assist home users and Beauty therapist to decide what apparatus works best for each person’s aging skin situation. I myself love galvanic for lifting the skin and high frequency for

Ultrasound Skin Therapy

Are you looking for an ultrasound or galvanic facial treatment at home? Don't know which machine to choose or want to know more about the benefits and the risk factors of these machines?

Ultrasound skin therapy and galvanic skin therapy are two techniques used to treat a variety of skin conditions. These are relatively natural and can be used with little to no side effects. Knowing what each of these are and what they are capable of treating is important when deciding which one is right for you.
Ultrasound Face Massager Treat
Many skin complaints can be helped with this type of therapy. The nice thing about this therapy is that it can be combined with other treatments to help maximize their effectiveness, however, many people get such good results with this therapy that they do not need any other treatments.

The following can be helped by using an ultrasound facial massager:

Note: That I have acne listed here and yes ultrasonic will fix acne but I have seen thousands of my clients heal acne after a high frequency facial and believe that every home should have a high frequency machine as should every home with teenagers have a tens machine.

Excessive skin oil
Puffy skin and eyes
Fine lines
Large pores
Body acne
Skin discoloration
Improved skin tone

How Does an Ultrasound Face Massager Work

Ultrasound therapy uses high-frequency sound waves to help treat a variety of skin issues. The frequency ranges anywhere from three to five million vibrations per second. The one to two million vibrations per second range have therapeutic benefits as well. This therapy helps to improve the texture and appearance of scars via increasing collagen extensibility, treats inflammation, promotes tissue healing and encourages the absorption of topical agents.

 Choose the Right Ultrasound Facial Machine

Choosing the right ultrasound machine is very important to ensure the best results. Important thing to know about this type of device is that the penetration is deeper with lower frequencies. So, to treat most areas of the body for skin issues, 3MHz is ideal. This is the oscillation frequency necessary to ensure that the upper layer of the skin is penetrated.

A water soluble gel is applied before the treatment, which helps make the gliding of the machine smooth and to ensure that the sound waves are effectively conducted. After a treatment, moisturizer may be applied to the treated area to help both nourish and protect the skin.

The ultrasound wave works to increase blood supply, stimulate the nerves and soften the tissues.

Ultrasound wave therapy is a very safe therapy as long as the device is used properly. However, there are a few things that are contra-indicated with this device. These include:

Electrical medical devices
In addition to avoiding the above contra-indications, it is important to always make sure that the device is properly set when using it.

A Galvanic Facial Machine.

This type of therapy has a variety of uses. Like ultrasound therapy, this can be used in conjunction with many other therapies. However, for many people, using a galvanic facial machine is generally all that is needed for solid results. The following can be helped by using a galvanic facial machine:

Dry skin
Dark under eye circles
Facial muscle tone
Blocked pores
Skin firming

How a Galvanic Facial Machine Works

Galvanic facial therapy uses positive and negative ions to produce a mild electric current that creates a magnetic effect combined with a massaging action. The massaging action stimulates the skins activity. The negative ions purge the skins impurities and the positive icons pulps the skin ironing out the wrinkles.

This is a relatively painless therapy, though some do report that they experienced some tingling. The tingling is often described as an odd feeling and not painful.

With galvanic facial you can expect beautiful skin from inside out your dropping skin to lift and wrinkles to smooth out and be less noticeable.
Not only is your skins health promoted from the inside out through the absorption of nutrients being promoted but the entire lymphatic’s in your entire body is stimulated.

The galvanic ions promote absorption by loosening the protective barrier that the skin has thus allowing nutrients to penetrate.

The barrier is not completely broken, but just loosened, so there is no risk of microorganisms penetrating and causing issues, as microorganisms are just too big to make their way through.

After a treatment, moisturizer must be applied to the treated area to help both nourish and protect the skin.

How to Apply Galvanic Facial Treatment at Home.

Be sure to purchase a Galvanic machine that is suitable for home use. How often this treatment is needed will depend on why this therapy is being administered. The typical treatment regimen is about three times per week for the first two months. Then, after the first two months, maintaining the results is the key. Performing a galvanic treatment once every month is generally enough to maintain results.

You need to learn how to be loyal to your skin to keep that youthful appearance. In days gone by only the rich and famous could afford such wonderful skin treatments now we all can have a galvanic non-surgical face lift.

A galvanic facial massager is very safe and generally produces no side effects. Some people report mild redness, but this goes away relatively quickly and is really the only possible side effect.

A Galvanic facial conducted by a Beauty therapist requires you to hold a small negative rod during the facial. The therapist then works with the positive rods on your skin. This is why your first four to six galvanic treatments over a three week period should be done at a salon.

The type of galvanic wands or machines built for home use have the positive and negative ions built in thus making them somewhat inferior to machines used in a salon. Yet, the home style machines  are still worth buying.

As you hold the negative rod a therapist places one finger on your skin then the machine, then takes her finger off your skin. When she is about to take the positive wand off your skin she first applies her finger to your skin then removes the positive wand. This exchanging of energy cannot be done by you alone. For this reason most Derma-wands on the market use either sonic or high frequency ions.

Galvanic Treatment Contra-indications

Galvanic therapy is a safe treatment, but there are some issues that are contra-indicated with this therapy. A galvanic facial massager should not be used with the following conditions and issues:

Electrical medical devices
Both Galvanic and Ultrasound

There are some machines in the market place that have both the Ultrasound and Galvanic ion function. Before you purchase any facial machine, always look for independent reviews and the customer's reviews. I myself have been studying machines and running some trials on a few machines. When I complete my studies I will have the machines for sale on my eBay site (beautyschoolbooks) and my website (

Photon Skin Therapy

This is a type of therapy where energy is generated from light energy and then the cells within the skin absorb it. It is similar to photosynthesis in the plant world. Many devices use two to three different light colours to produce results, including red light, blue light and green light. Each light has its own purpose. 

 Red light
 Red light is used to inhibit inflammation, lessen scarring, improve healing, stimulate the re-growth of skin cells, speed up blood circulation and enhance the production of collagen.

Blue Light
Blue light has anti-bacterial properties, helps in the treatment of acne and rashes, reduces large pores and has an overall calming effect on the skin. This light is often used in the treatment of acne.

Green light
Green light has anti-bacterial properties, improves the texture of the skin, improves micro-circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps in fighting free radicals, and oxygenates and activates skin cells. This light is often used to help improve dehydrated or dry skin, and to combat the effects of aging.

Most of us mere mortals have something on our body that we have considered changing. Plastic surgery is one of the oldest ways to do this. However, a re-emerging therapy known as the galvanic facial treatment is a non-invasive way to restore youth and beauty to your face without the knives, needles and anaesthesia. As an added bonus, thousands of dollars are saved when forgoing plastic surgery for galvanic therapy.

Galvanic Facial Treatment v. Plastic Surgery:

How do these Work?
Plastic surgery is, well, surgery. It involves using knives and needles to improve a person's self-image and appearance. Recovery can take anywhere from one day to several months. Some of the most common plastic surgery-related facial treatments include skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. These are often done to treat wrinkles, scars, skin tone loss, redness and pigmentation issues.

Laser resurfacing is a very commonly used treatment for the above-listed issues. It involves using a laser to pretty much zap issues that are unwanted. This can actually be quite painful. A local anaesthetic is generally used, but this only minimizes discomfort. Some doctors even also administer sedatives to try and promote maximum comfort. You will often need to start a series of skin treatments about six weeks prior to your procedure to prepare your skin for the laser therapy. Following treatment, your face is dressed and your doctor will let you know how long this dressing must remain.

Galvanic Facial Treatment

A Galvanic facial treatment is sometimes referred to as a non-surgical facelift. This non-invasive treatment improves firmness and muscle tone, clears blocked pores, increases blood circulation and promotes rapid renewal and cell metabolism through the use of a galvanic current. The procedure involves applying a pre-treatment gel and massaging it in. This is done the day of the procedure and not weeks in advance. Next, the device is used on the target areas. A very slight tingling sensations will be felt, depending on how strong the machine is but this is a relatively painless procedure. It is best to start with the control knob turned down very low and increase the strength slowly.

 All machines or wands come with a power control knob. No anaesthesia or sedatives are necessary. This is a continuous treatment method and your Beauty Therapist/Beautician will advise how often a treatment needs to be done. There is no downside to a Galvanic facial you will see the difference in your skin immediately and you will not need to stay indoors nor have any time off work.

If you are considering buying your own Galvanic machine I would recommend buying a Galvanic wand as it will have a negative pole built into the machine. A Galvanic wand for home use will not have the same power as the one a Beauty Therapist will use. I myself use a Galvanic wand. I often go for a Galvanic treatment at a salon then maintain my skin at home with the wand.

Galvanic Facial Treatment v. Plastic Surgery: Side Effects

Galvanic facial treatment may cause some redness after the procedure, but this is temporary and generally mild. There really are no other side effects.

Peeling and dryness are very common for five to seven days following plastic surgery skin resurfacing. Other possible issues following the procedure include prolonged redness and swelling, acne flare ups, reactivation of cold sores, small white bumps, scarring, bacterial infection, hyper pigmentation. Interactions with the medications used during the procedure are also possible.

Galvanic Facial Treatment v. Plastic Surgery:

Overall Effectiveness
Plastic surgery ranges from semi-permanent to temporary procedures like fillers and resurfacing. How often a temporary procedure needs to be repeated is highly individualized.

Galvanic facial treatment is also a continuous process. The device you are using and the specific issues you are using it for will determine how often you need to repeat treatment. On average, the first two months of treatment require you use of about twice a week. Following this initial period, one treatment every three months is common to maintain your results. when I was working full time I had a galvanic facial every two weeks.


For people wanting their skin to look brand new then have the Derma-roller treatment.


There are wands sold on eBay and other websites without warnings. Only a trained technician knows the needle length that should be used on your skin type.  Not all beauty therapists/beauticians are trained in Paramedical services.

You will most definitely need this done by a Beauty Therapist or a Cosmetic surgeon. You will need to be anesthetized first or have a topical anaesthetic applied. The rollers have lots of tiny microscopic, infinitesimal needles around the roller. The roller is run over the face very slowly leaving billions of tiny holes. You will be amazed at the repair work it does to your skin. However you will need at least three weeks at home after the treatment as the skin will look as though you have been attached by a mysterious weapon.

You can buy these rollers readily on eBay and other sites but do not be tempted to buy one and administer this treatment to yourself. It hurts big time and you will look terrible for about three weeks and you cannot put anything on your skin until it heals.

I am a Cosmetic tattooist so one wet and dreary day I decided to give my aging hands a needling treatment. This was 2011. On the hand that I did the treatment on, I have to this very day a very smooth looking patch of skin.

So yes derma rollers do work or needling with a cosmetic tattoo machine does work at getting rid of wrinkle skin. But even with the topical anaesthetic the pain was unbearable. Furthermore everyone keep saying what on earth have you done to your wrist?

 They went on to say it looked like a pin cushion. So if you can afford to have three weeks off work go for it. Good luck with that. But it is very effective and far less painful than a face lift and at a cost you can afford. If you are going to have it done do so on a Friday afternoon and go for a depth that heals within a few days. That a few days off work and do not apply make up for at least  nine days.

I trust the above information has helped and if it has please consider giving me a mention on Face book. My pen name is Robyna Smith-Keys .