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Dog Care book coverDog Care and DIY Organic Medications

By Robyna Smith-Keys



  1. Lower your veterinary bills
  2. Learn to organically heal your animals
  3. Learn to bath & groom your dog
  4. Learn Aromatherapy cures for yourself and your animals.




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Not everyone can afford a Vet when their, darling dog becomes ill. Nor afford all the constant medications for fleas, Arthritis, constipation, sore eyes, epilepsy and other diseases. I have shared with you all the treatments I have made for my animals for the past 50 years. Let me also say I studied Aromatherapy for four (4) years at Nature Care College Australia. I have not added any cures unless I have tried them on my dogs or unless they have been, recommended by a Veterinary Scientist. To you, from me with great care. While I am still kicking I am happy for you to ask questions via email. Robyna XOX

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