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Dog Care and DIY Organic Medications

Book index and a few pages..

Dog Care & DIY 1
Organic Medications 1
Aromatherapy based cures in this book 1
suit most animals and all humans. 1
Author Robyna Smith Keys 1
Copyright by Robyna Smith-Keys 1
Other Books By This Author ………………………..101 10
Aromatherapy For Dogs 11
Essential Oils are:- 11
What most Essential Oils have in common:- 12
Temporarily helps rid tissues of excess fluid 12
Aromatherapy Blending Chart 13
How To Heal With Aromatherapy:- 14
Mixing 14
Mixing for adults 15
Adult Body 15
Adult Face 15
Children 15
Pregnancy 15
Animal Pregnancy 15
Babies & Dogs 16
Babies never ever until 6 months old 16
Animals Over 30 kilo (Not Pregnant) 16
Aromatherapy Safe Essential Oils 16
Safe essential oils 16
Aromatherapy Oils To Be Avoided 18
Oils to be avoided under some conditions 18
Antidote To Homeopathy Remedies: 18
High Blood Pressure 18
Low Blood Pressure 19
(Hypotension po=low) Do not use:- 19
Photosensitive to some skin types:- 19
Photo toxic: 20
Babies not at all under six months 20
Unsafe for Lactation 20
Oils that interfere or dry up milk flow during Lactation 20
Safe oils for Lactation: 21
Oils that can cause Skin Sensitization or irritate a sensitive skin type: 21
Oils not to use for: 21
Inhalations, Douches, Enemas: 21
Oils that are Mucous Membrane Irritants: 21
Oils that have Emmenagogic Properties 22
Oils not to be used while Pregnancy. 22
Safest Essential Oils to use in Pregnancy : 22
Epilepsy 23
Avoid When Convulsive or Epilepsy 23
Aspin/Aspro 24
Fragrance oils 25
Arthritis 25
Wheat bags 27
Heat bag socks 27
Pain Relief 27
Arthritis Mix 28
Bathing Your Dog. 29
Shampoo Types. 30
Be sure you have everything ready. 30
Bristle brush 30
Bathing a Dog With Sensitive Skin 34
Sensitive Skin Pre-Bath Massage Oil. 35
Bites 36
My dog was bitten by? 36
Shock Mix 37
Spider bit. 37
If you get bitten by a dog. 38
Brushing 38
Car Accidents 39
Ceasar was hit by a car 42
Chicken Casserole 44
Chicken Broth For A Sick Dog 46
Dogs need grandparents. 47
Common Dog Dangers 48
Coughing 48
Allergic reaction to food. 48
Kennel cough 48
Steam inhalation. 49
Cuts and Abrasions 50
Daily Health Check 50
Desexing benefits for your dog 51
Diarrhea 54
Dehydrated Dog. 55
Natural Alternatives to Electrolytes 56
Home make electrolytes 56
Dehydration in Dogs is typically caused by: 57
Signs of Dehydration in Dogs Include: 57
How to Determine Dehydration in Dogs 58
To check dehydration, 58
What You Should do for Dehydration in Dogs 59
Dogs Pulse 60
Dry Skin 61
Dry Skin Treatment 61
Eye Care 61
Eye Care Mix 62
Fleas 63
Dogs Flea Spray 64
House Flea Spray 66
Flea Seasons 69
Plants to deter fleas 69
How to make your own mint oil: 70
Aromatherapy Flea Spray 71
Toxic Flea Plants 73
Feeding/Water Bowls 75
Feeding Tips. 75
Water Bowls 76
Feeding Quantities 77
Chicken/Meat & Rice Casserole Quantities 77
Grooming 77
Hard Poo 78
Pet's Elimination Habits: 78
Causes of Constipation 80
When to Worry … 83
What to Do and What Not to Do 84
How to help your dog 84
Dogs Enema 86
Foods That Keep Him Regular 87
Do Not 88
Dogs Eat Poo 89
Dogs Acupressure Points 89
Foods That Poison Dogs 91
Avocado 92
Bread Dough 92
Chocolate 93
Alcohol 94
Grapes and Raisins 94
Macadamia Nuts 95
Moldy Foods 96
Onions and Garlic 96
Xylitol 98
Immunization/vaccinations 99
Core Vaccines 100
Non-core vaccines 100
Lethargy Tired Dog 101
Nose 102
No Sew Dogs Coat. 102
Smelling salts for anxious dogs. 103
Parvo Virus 104
Parvo Treatment: 105
Parvo Prevention: 105
Prevention is better than cure 106
Skin irritations 108
Tick Size 109
Eye care 109
Urination 110
Causes 111
Shampoo 112
Vaccination 113
Vomiting 113
Walking 114
Weight Changes 115
Whinging Whining 116
The different reasons why your dog may be whining: 117
1. Anxiety 117
2. Pain 117
3. Attention Seeking 118
Worms 118
Signs telling you that your dog has worms 118
Common symptoms to watch out for 118
Why your dog might have worms 120
How do you know if your dog has something besides worms? 120
A dog owner's guide to diagnosis and treatment 120
HOME, not the veterinarian's office. 121
Symptoms and risks for worm infections 121
Roundworms 121
Hookworms 122
Tapeworms 122
Heartworms 122
Whipworms 123
How to treat your dog for worms. 123
Warnings about worm medications. 124
How often to treat the dog for worms 125
Other Books By This Author 125

Other Books By This Author ………………………..101

A few pages from the book

Aromatherapy For Dogs

Aromatherapy Is The Earths Healer.

This book is about dogs but aromatherapy can be used to heal humans and all kinds of animals and creatures.

Liquids are extracted from plants, leaves, flowers and roots. Theses liquids are called “Essential Oils”. To produce 1kilogram of Rose oil you need to extract by steam distillation around 10 acres of Rose leaves. This makes essential oils very expensive, however you may purchase Essential oils in 5-10ml bottles from around $9.

Please do not purchase fragrance oils as they are a synthetic liquid. Fragrance oils cannot be used for healing purposes. In France Doctors will made Essential oils into
a medicine but in Australia the Therapeutic Goods Association insists that essential oils may only be used as a topical medication and are a “Nil By Mouth” medication.

Essential Oils are:-
Dynamic vegetable hormones

A liquid not an oil
A nil by mouth therapeutic substance
An additive for massage oils and other therapeutic treatments

What most Essential Oils have in common:-

Anti-bacterial, anti-microbic, anti-virus properties

Detoxify - gets rid of poisons from our blood stream. (Urine is usually pale yellow, as it gets darker it is a sign of toxins being discarded)

Oxygenate - as oxygen is added to our body it has the effect of pumping up the tissues, so does exercise such as Yoga

Temporarily helps rid tissues of excess fluid

Easily absorbed by the skin because they are lipo solvents - they dissolve in fats. They dissolve in the fatty part of the skin to quickly penetrate different layers before
entering the bloodstream (Sebaceous glands produce Seba, the Essential oils blend with the Seba and makes for easy absorption).

It is important to understand a few Aromatherapy safety rules before you start using Essential Oils for healing. You would perhaps give a sick adult two Aspirin or
Aspros if they had the flue but you would not give the same dose to a small child. Throughout this book I have given recipes for different ailments. It takes four years
to complete an Aromatherapy degree and a life time of learning to become proficient at healing with Essential oils. It is not my intension with this book to neither baffle
you with science nor scar you into being too afraid not to try self medicating your best friend (your dog).

Keep it simple, stick strictly to the recipe and administer the treatment with love.

1st Some Essential Oils such as Rosemary can be lethal to some people and very healing in small does to other people.

2nd Essential Oils are very strong and should never ever be used straight from the bottle. They must always be added to a base oil or fatty substance such as butter or
~~~~~~ *** ~~~~~~

Aromatherapy Blending Chart

This is a typical blending chart for humans. The dose you use on dogs is the same does that you would use on babies over nine months. However I use the same mix
as for children but as you are not trained in the contra-indications please use the recipes I have provided or mix for babies.

First you look up in the “Oils To Be Avoided Chart” which oils not to use under certain conditions. Then you would look up the ailment in the A_Z list for example a spider bite would be listed under “B” for bites but it may also have a listing under ”S” that would say see bites. I have tried to use recipes that are safe in all situations but it is a good idea if your pet has a heart condition or takes fits to check on the Oils to be avoided section.

How To Heal With Aromatherapy:-
Find the complaint /ailment under the A-Z headings
Pick 1-3 (no more than 3) essential oil from the appropriate ailments list, mix 1-3 essential oil with 100ml of carrier oil.

Massage into the effected reign . Always mix the essential oils with 100ml of carrier oil. Only use cold pressed Olive oil Grape seed or Almond oil.
Check and double check the "Oils To Be Avoided" section .

Note: These strengths are for adults only and 50 drops of Essential oils are for the body not the face. When mixing for the face only use half the amount of essential oil
that you would use on the body. Never massage yourself any more than 4 times a week and never apply any of the mixtures below more than twice a day for 4 days
unless otherwise stated.

For animals never use more than twice a day for three days, unless the recipe states otherwise. Give the animal two days without treatment of essential oils then
resume treatment for another three days.


As stated earlier in this book Essential oils should never be applied directly onto the skin nor should they be mixed with food or other products.
Mixing for adults
Adult Body
100ml of carrier oil add 50 drops of Essential oil
50ml of carrier oil add 25drops of Essential oil
6ml of carrier oil add 3 drop of Essential oil
Adult Face
100ml of carrier oil add 25 drops of Essential oil
50ml of carrier oil add 12.5 drops of Essential oil
6ml of carrier oil add 1 drop of Essential oil
Children over 5 and under 12 years use same mixture as for the adult face.

Pregnancy only after 1st trimester and only the oils allowed as per the page headed Pregnancy.

Animal Pregnancy
For very small and medium size animals avoid using essential oil until the animal has labour pains. For large sized animals like a horse, giraffe, elephant use half the
does as prescribed here and never during the first eight weeks of the pregnancy.

100ml of carrier oil add 10 drops of Essential oil
50ml of carrier oil add 6 drops of Essential oil

Babies & Dogs

Babies never ever until 6 months old
Babies over 6 months old to 5 years
100ml of carrier oil add 5 drops of Essential oil
50ml of carrier oil add 2drops of Essential oil
25ml of carrier oil add 1 drop of Essential oil

Animals Over 30 kilo (Not Pregnant)

100ml of carrier oil add 25 drops of Essential oil
50ml of carrier oil add 12.5 drops of Essential oil
6ml of carrier oil add 1 drop of Essential oil

Essential oils must only be placed in either food safe plastic or a dark coloured glass bottle. Glass should always be your first choice. If you do not have a dark
coloured bottle you can use a clear clean glass bottle or jar and keep it in a brown paper bag. Light spoils oil and turns it into a toxin. Air also spoils oil so keep the lid
on tight. Also replace the lid immediately after opening.
Aromatherapy Safe Essential Oils

Safe essential oils

The following Essential Oils are considered safe and acceptable when used correctly. Never use straight from the bottle in its full strength always mix with carrier oil.

Nil by mouth.
Black Pepper
Caraway Seed
Carrot Seed
Cinnamon Leaf
Clary Sage
Fennel (Sweet)
Marjoram (French Type)
Rose Geranium
Parsley seed
Rose and Rose Geranium
Violet Leaf
Ylang Ylang

Aromatherapy Oils To Be Avoided
Oils to be avoided under some conditions
Antidote To Homeopathy Remedies:
Black Pepper
White Camphor

High Blood Pressure
(Hypertension per = high) Do not use :-
Eucalyptus (all)
Thyme (all varieties),
Low Blood Pressure
(Hypotension po=low) Do not use:-
Clary Sage
Ylang Ylang
Photosensitive to some skin types:-
Note all of these oils are in the safe to use list but they are not safe if you are going to the beach or out to play in the sun as they will cause brown sport on the skin like
very large freckles.


Photo toxic:
(do not use during the day, go into sun or under a sun lamp)

When I am going into the sun I never use any of the Photosensitive/ Photo Toxic oils and the same rule should apply for your animals. They will cause burning to the
deeper layers of the skin cells. It is best to apply photosensitive oils in the evening to yourself or to your animals.
Animals Not until they are three months old. Then follow the same blending table as for children.

Babies not at all under six months see section headed "baby oils" that are safest for 6 month old to 2 years:

German- Chamomile,
(But in a 1/2% dilution for massage) and only one drop in a bath with 2 - 3 tablespoons of carrier.
Unsafe for Lactation
Oils that interfere or dry up milk flow during Lactation:
Clary Sage
Sage (blocks the milk duct)
Safe oils for Lactation:
Fennel (1/2%-1%) but diluted
Oils that can cause Skin Sensitization or irritate a sensitive skin type:
Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang.

Oils not to use for:

Inhalations, Douches, Enemas:
Thyme (all varieties)
Oils that are Mucous Membrane Irritants:
Cajuput (comes from the Tea Tree family)
Oils that have Emmenagogic Properties
(i.e. promotes menstrual flow):
Oils not to be used while Pregnancy.
Massage can commence after the first trimester, after client has been to the doctors to check all health aspects. With animals only massage the animal in the evening and only with a mixture of Olive oil and one drop of Chamomile.

Never use any of these oils:-
Clary Sage,

These constituents affect the liver by making it overwork in order to excrete them.

Robert Tisser states that 65% of the convulsive essential oils contain ketone constituents, and six out of eight abortifacient essential oils, so caution is needed.

Safest Essential Oils to use in Pregnancy :

Chamomile (German),


The oils that are convulsive or can cause epilepsy are generally made up of Phenols or Oxides which in large dosages can cause convulsions and be neuro-toxic, so correct dosages are important when blending. Phenols are the most irritant on skin and mucous membranes and they can damage liver if used in massive dosages.

Avoid When Convulsive or Epilepsy

Eucalyptus (Globulus, Radiata & Polybractea)

Aromatherapy is an amazing healer and will surpass most medication from a Chemist. Essential oils when mixed correctly for the ailment will actual heal where most other forms of medication only suppress the ailment and give the body time to heal it self. However they are in most cases a slow form of healing.


Aspirin also reduces inflammation. Researchers believe these effects come about because aspirin blocks the production of pain-producing chemicals called prostaglandins.
In addition to relieving pain and reducing inflammation, aspirin also lowers fever by acting on the part of the brain that regulates temperature.
The brain then signals the blood vessels to widen, which allows heat to leave the body more quickly.

Aspirin-even children's aspirin-should never be given to children or teenagers with flu-like symptoms or chickenpox. So the same can be said for your young animals.
Aspirin can cause Reye's syndrome, a life-threatening condition that affects the nervous system and liver. Up to 30% of children and teenagers, who develop Reye's
syndrome, die. Those who survive may have permanent brain damage. Reye-like illnesses are most likely to occur in infants under 4 years of age which may be due to
an inherited metabolic disorder.

Check with a physician before giving aspirin to a child under 12 years for arthritis, rheumatism, or any condition that requires long-term use of the drug.

No one should take aspirin for more than 10 days in a row unless told to do so by a physician. Anyone with fever should not take aspirin for more than 3 days without a
physician's consent. Do not to take more than the recommended daily dosage.

I have administered Aspro to my dogs in very small does and my children without adverse results. But to err on the side of caution and good judgment is strongly

Remember this book is about helping you when you cannot get to the Veterinary. It is not about replacing a Veterinary that has had at least studied for four years and
many years experience with animals.

Due to the fact that we medicate dogs with the same dose we medicate our Babies use Aspirin/Aspro very sparingly. And always use a slow release type.

Fragrance oils

Fragrance oils that are used in burners are not my idea of safe Aromas, and should never be applied to the skin. The cost of these in Australia is around $1.50 - $3.50.
You get what you pay for. They are not ideal for fragrance or oil burners either as they emit (send out) toxins into the air.

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