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Eyebrow Shaping and Colouring
To Suit Face Shapes


Eyebrow Shaping  & Colouring To Suit Face Shapes

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My intention when first writing this book was for Hairdressing and Beauty Salon operators to be able to improve on their skills on eye enhancements to suit face shapes.  However, after many email questions, my thoughts changed as I realized that home users need a book on shaping and colouring their eyebrows. My new aim has also been to make the information a suitable read for everyone. 

Eyebrows shape our face and enhance our natural appearance. No matter how much or how little eye makeup we wear, if our eyebrows have no shape or colour our face as we age can look tired and older. 

Due to the fact that this book is more suited to a student than a home user, there are things far and beyond shape and colour that you need to understand. Yet I have tried to set you mainly in the right direction of exploring eyebrow shapes and colour to suit face shapes, skin tones and undertones. This I have tried to do, without making this book too long and wordy.  

As time goes by with a passion for being good at your trade, knowing what to do for each client will become second nature. However, getting through that journey, hopefully, will become shorter by the thought provoking information contained herein this book. You cannot expect to become a great eye enhancement technician with little to no training. 

You cannot expect this book to land in your lap with all the knowledge and mind tools you will need to become an expert. You can, however, expect after reading this book to be set on the right journey to understanding eyebrow shaping to suit face shapes. 

It will depend largely on how much time you are prepared to spend researching the face shapes of people and their eyebrow shape, their hair type and skin tones and undertones.  

After fifty years in the industry, I myself am still learning. Always be guided by a clients wants and needs. After the initial learning process, you will feel you know it all and can forget:-

  1.  It is not about you. It is about the client.

  2. It is about what they are comfortable with.

  3. It is about how they see themselves in the mirror.

 Note: Point of view will switch from the first person to the third person throughout this book. Grammar and punctuation will not be of the finest, and I make no apologies for that. 

While ever I am alive and still of sound mind I am happy to answer a question or two via email.  It must be about the topic of the book that you have purchased from my website.  I have found questions point out the weak areas in my books. This assists me to improve on the next addition. 

Table Of Contents



No Arch To Your Brow.

When Our Eyebrows End Too Soon.

No Eyebrows Close To The Nose Bridge.

Where Your Eyebrows Should Start And  End.

Low Arch Eyebrows 

Arch And Brow Too Thin

How Our Face Affects Our Eyebrows 

Face Shapes.

Eyebrow Shaping For Face Shapes 

Heart Face 

Long Face 

Square Face 

Round Face

Define The Shape.

Hair Styles And Hair Colour Role 

Dark Hair

Red Heads 

Blonde Hair 

Grey Hair

Styles That Work Best On A Heart-Shaped Face

Styles That Work Best On A Square Face

Styles That Work Best On A Round Face 

Styles That Work Best On A Long Face

Eyebrow Shaping Procedure.

Clean And Prepare The Eyebrow Skin Explained Further.

Make Astringent /Toner 

Wax Types

Hot Wax

Hot Wax Pot

Body & Face Waxing Cosmetology Hair Removal 

Test The Wax Heat 

Strip Wax Pot 

Roller Wax 

Roller Wax Insert.

A Professional Waxing Kit.

Eyebrow Hot Wax Kit

Strip Wax Kits 

Apply And Remove Hot Wax  

Eyebrow Shaping Brief.

Hair Threading Technique

Eyebrow Tinting Kit 

Before You Tint Eyebrow Or Eyelashes.

A Patch Test

The Importance Of A Salon Bell.

Eye Make-Up Remover Info  

Long Lash Gel

Bleaching Paste.

Bleaching Before Tinting With Reds 

Ash Blonde Clients 

Mixing Of Tint Colours 

Understanding Colours

Correct Application Time.

Eyebrow Tint Application

Eyebrow Shaping Example:


 A Few Pages From Eyebrow Shaping & Colouring To Suit Face Shapes 

Eyebrows to Suit Face Shapes


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