Step by Step Training Manuals and Good Night Stories For Children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. = question

A. = Answer

Q: [Will I get a certificate once I have practiced the DIY instruction in the book?]
A: DIY means you are using the manual to train yourself. However, you are able to book a few web conference sessions with the author. The author will watch you and correct any mistakes you may make. When she feels you are confident she will issue you with a certificate of achievement.]

Q: [Does the author offer training ?]
A: [Yes go to website to look at the training packages on offer.]

Q: How do we pay for the books?
A: We can send you an invoice or you can pay via your PayPal account. You can also make payments to her telephone via your smart phone via your bank account. 0413.453.553. or click on the Add To Cart Button.

Q: Is there a pain Free way to tattoo.

A: Yes learn the pointillism method.   watch some of my YouTube videos