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Heal Yourself

Positive Thinking, Affirmations, Meditation & Colour Healings.

Ba Ha Ha Happy! A self-help book   Ba Ha Ha Happy! Has 450 pages of verses and  affirmation with ways to deal with difficult people and situations.  Australians buy here now. International customers would be best to purchase the book from to save money on postage.




Healing With ColourUse of Colour for healing is explained. You will be amazed at how colour can lift your life.  Positive Spiritual Affirmations. A book filled with daily verses to encourage you to think more about your life path & to stay in a more  positive state of mind.
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Colours that Heal by Robyna Smith-Keys 
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Mind Blossoms

Practice to become a positively happy person. Then when you lest expect it you will find you always have a verse that is a positive response to their negative actions. It is funny how something that an adult tells you when you are a wee snip of a girl can have a powerful outcome latter on in life. The proverbs in the bible and Stephen Coveys book "Daily Reflections" have certainly helped me at times of feeling low confused and bewildered. Most of the small to the point verses are either my own inspirations gathered over time or verses I have heard some where. Print them out on cardboard, place in a small box and pick one out every single day.

Mind Blossoms Index
You and Your Mind
Conscious thoughts
Subconscious thoughts
Your unconscious mind
Releasing Anger
Visualizing to release anger.
Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.
Absentee Spiritual Cleansing

 Positive Spiritual Affirmations

In 1969 After being in a coma for 9 days I woke and saw my Guardian Angel at the end of my bed and the Mother Mary. From there these verses came to light. Finally I have put the verses into this book.  They are verses and affirmations. Sayings, life quotes, affirmations, visualization, how to visualize, inspirational quotes, positive thinking verses that detox your mind and assist with mind cleansing. I have found these verses of mine and some verses from other great people have been my saving grace. They are uplifting, mood changing, positive thinking verses that I have used as affirmations. I now always have something profound to say to smart-alecky impertinent people. It gives you amazing power when you can respond in a profound way rather than exchanging insults. Some verses get you through your tough times and other verses keep you on track and others assist you with your everyday life. Enjoy...

Example Verse

Romantic Love Is Attracted By

What We Do

Not By How We Look

Do Special Things For Others

Then See The Law Of Attraction Happen.


I am lovable and I am becoming more loveable every day.

I am loved and will be given expressions of love.

True love will be mine forever more.

  Print Out This Affirmation and read it every day. 

1. I deserve to have abundance and prosperity.

2. It is easy for me to make money.

3. I am abundant in all areas of my life.

4. I deserve to have nice things.

5 I want to make $__________per month. (fill in how much you want to make per month)

6. All the money I spend brings me joy.

7. I live in an abundant universe. I always have everything that I need.

8. I create money and abundance, through joy and self-love.

9. I am a magnet to money, prosperity and abundance.

10. I am the creator of my own success.

11. Money comes to me freely and easily from multiple sources of income.

12. I attract all things that I desire into my life.

13. I am living an abundant happy life.

14. I release all thoughts of lack and I focus on what I have.

15. Having money feels great to me.

16. I am a magnetic to success.

17. I accept abundance and it is coming to me right now.

18. I value my time and energy So I use my time wisely.
18a. I plan my day and work my plan.

19. I am a success. I allow myself to feel successful.

by  Robyna Smith-Keys