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Books For Beauty School Students
Books For Beauty School Students
Beauty Pathways Academy Certicifate Classes
Beauty Pathways Academy Certicifate Classes
Skin Sex A Skin Affair

Beauty School Books is 

the registered name for all training manuals and books on mindfulness. I have written under two author names Robyna Smith-Keys and Robyn Ji Smith. When I began my Hairdressing and Beauticians training in 1962 there were no training manuals, I wanted to fix that gap – to assist other passionate learners.

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Beauty Pathways Academy is – 

The registered name that will be on your Certificate for completed studies, of your on-line classes.

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Skin Sex my Aromatherapy  – skin, and healing range. It is my dream with this name to have a funky, fun name for my passion, which is blending oils for helping people, to teach the importance of touch and the importance of a daily affair with their skin the largest organ of the body. To also encourage folk to heal, their mind body and soul. Most folk do not know the importunate of smell therapy and the amazing benifits. Join my journey. You will be glad you did. Let me know what ails you on my facebook page or  By filling in the client ‘Consultation Form” Click 

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Teacher Author Robyn Ji Smith

Hello! As a Beauty School Teacher, I have had an amazing journey, thanks to my students.  Now in semi retirement I have time to massage my passions.  I  continue being passionate about the sharing of knowledge. Every day of my life is  amazingly filled with the joy, of assisting others in a trade that massages ones – ego, sense of achievement, female bonding and so much more. Teaching young loving, likable women to never make decisions with their ego, but to have their ego massaged is uplifting. When they develop their caring skills and perfect their trade – others massage their ego and give them a sense of pride.  I do pray, I am leaving behind knowledge of better ways to hold your tools. Better ways of playing safe at work. Better ways of blending with difficult clients and the will to be the best therapist, you possibly can be.

In 1990s I was chosen to assist with the Government of Australia – National Training Standards Beauty Pathways. Then again 2007 to 2014 to assist with the International Government Training Standards.  For me that was a very big ego massage. Especially for a person with dyslexia.  I can never say I am a terrific author. Writing is much harder for me than most folk. However, when you have a passion, you will find a way. They charge ridiculous prices for elective studies. Did you know that once you have a diploma or a license in a particular field, you no longer need to pay those high training prices to a registered training center? You just need to get a certificate of achievement from someone with a diploma. Learning is a journey. Not a destination.

Happy Learning  ,