• Aerophagia = swallowing too much air

 Let’s look at the air that we breathe in and air we create

How we breathe, eat, and drink play key roles in the formation of aerophagia. Some things that lead to excessive air swallowing include:

  • eating quickly (for example, taking a second bite before the first one is fully chewed and swallowed)
  • talking while eating
  • chewing gum
  • drinking through a straw (sucking draws in more air)
  • smoking (again, due to the sucking action)
  • mouth breathing
  • vigorously exercising
  • drinking carbonated beverages

wearing loose-fitting dentures

Most experts advise speech therapy to improve breathing while talking. They also recommend behavior modification therapy to:

  • become conscious of air gulping
  • practice slow breathing
  • learn effective ways of dealing with stress and anxiety

Reducing — and even eliminating — aerophagia symptoms requires preparation and mindfulness, but it can be done. Experts advise:

  • taking small bites and chewing food thoroughly before taking another one
  • modifying how you swallow food or liquids
  • eating with your mouth closed
  • breathing slowly and deeply
  • being mindful of open-mouth breathing
  • quitting aerophagia-producing behaviors, such as smoking, drinking carbonated beverages, and chewing gum
  • getting a better fit on dentures and CPAP machines.
  • treating any underlying conditions, such as anxiety, that may be contributing to aerophagia
  • So Chew Like a Cow LOL

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