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Author: Robyn Ji Smith
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How To – Arrest Fatigue
Address Fatigue with: – juices, swimming, cold water floating, walking, exercise, and essential oils. Some forms of exercise and cold-water floating are probably the very last things you feel like doing. Especially when you are so tired – you feel irritable and weak. Your mind is the part of you that is fatigued, not your body. The lack of deep sleep is also a big issue. To fix the issue of not sleeping deeply, exercise and deep meditation, must become a daily routine. As well as focusing on gratefulness. Exercise helps you break out of immobility. At least start with rocking back and forth or tapping your feet to music you love.
When it is raining and cold during the wintertime, I can very easily talk myself out of going to the beach for a swim or walking my dog.
What I do is take control of my mind and focus on the benefits. High blood pressure tablets give me a rash. I think about that horrible irritating itch. That motivates me to go walk my dog and have my swim. While I am floating in that freezing cold water, I tell myself how grateful I am that – the water is freezing because it is lowering my blood pressure. I balance 7 of my chakras to assist me to float longer. We are all different and must find what helps change our mind. We can choose to feel fatigued, rely on what a doctor tells us and take some pills, or become proactive.
I have had a load of inquiries over the past 18 months (2020 to 2021) about feeling fatigued after the covid injections. There are two different issues we need to consider. First fatigue, next lack of deep sleep. Rewire your brain the intelligent way

Brain Rewiring organically

Essential Oils that decrease fatigue and increase focus include:

• peppermint
• sweet orange
• spearmint
• rosemary
• lemon
• All citrus essential oils

Essential oils that increase deeper sleep patterns are:

• Lavender
• Clary Sage
• Patchouli
. Palmarosa

Life is filled with contradictions. Citrus oils are daytime oils that enliven us, but they cause skin issues when we go into the sun. Therefore, I suggest you make a massage blend with peppermint and rosemary and a nasal sniffer with citrus oils. Below you will find a blending chart and a contraindication chart that must be checked, before making a massage blend. A nasal sniffer carries fewer contraindications.

How do you use essential oils?
Although some advocates of essential oils mix the oils with lotions and base oils and apply them to bandages, the most common ways to use essential oils for aromatherapy is:
Direct inhalation. You can breathe in the scent of the essential oil using an individual inhaler which often includes floating drops of essential oil on hot water.

Indirect inhalation. You can also breathe in the scent by using a room diffuser to spread the scent through the air. Placing drops on a tissue or cotton ball is another way of indirect inhalation. Do not have pregnant women, babies nor animals in the room.

Inhalations by adding hot water and 1 drop of essential oil to a bowl. Put a towel over your head and the bowl. For a minute or more breathe in the warm vapors.
Direct inhalation containers- Nasal Inhalers
Similar to a Nebulizer.

DIY Nasal Inhalers– Add 3 drops of essential oils to the cotton insert. Place the insert into the case and screw on the cap. Put the outer case over. Several times a day take the outer case off and smell the oil.

Nasal inhalers to make at home

Warm inhalation – Only add 1 drop of essential oils to a jug of hot water in a bowl.

Inhalation with Hot water and Essential Oils


For more energy
Make this inhaler or sniff essential oil of peppermint straight From the bottle.

  1. Place 5 drops of peppermint and 5 drops of lemon oil on the cotton stick insert.
  2. Place cotton insert into the inner cover.
  3. Screw on the cap.
  4. Smell several times a day to increase your energy.
  5. After you smell the aroma place the outer cap over the nasal inhaler.
  6. Do not smell after 4pm, any of the fatigue list of oils. Those essential oils in smell therapy are for energy.
  7. Use the sleep oils in the evening, for deeper sleep and during the day if you are agitated or frantic.
    You can massage the diluted essential oil into your skin. Make sure to dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil — such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, before applying to your skin. See blending chart.

Potential risks
Check the contraindication chart.
If you’re taking medications or have a serious health condition, talk to your doctor before using essential oils.

Skin Test and contraindications

How to do a skin patch test

If you’re planning on using an essential oil topically,
Blend with olive oil or another cold-pressed oil1 drop in 1 dessertspoon of olive oil. test for a possible allergic reaction. When blended with base/carrier oil such as olive oil by placing one drop or two on your elbow or wrist and cover the test area with a bandage. In 24 hours, if you feel itching or see redness or a rash, then the oil shouldn’t be used on your skin.
If you’re planning on using essential oils with your child, talk with your pediatrician or aromatherapist before starting.
Lemon (and any citrus) essential oil makes your skin very sun sensitive. Wait 6 hours before you expose your skin to the sun if you’ve put on a citrus oil.
When diffusing essential oils into the air, consider who else might be exposed including pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with asthma, children, or pets. Some essential oils can be dangerous to certain individuals.

The takeaway
If you find yourself reaching for a cup of coffee, sugary soda, or an energy drink to beat your fatigue, you might try boosting your energy with homemade fruit juices and essential oil. Just sniffing certain oils called “Smell Therapy” is very beneficial.

Choose from rosemary, peppermint, or lemon oil.
Discuss this with a doctor, health care therapist, Aromatherapist about other ways to address your low-energy moments. They can recommend other lifestyle choices – such as diet, sleep, and exercise to keep your energy levels high. They can also make sure your fatigue isn’t a sign of something more serious. Home-made juicing and adding more herbs to your daily food intake is extremely beneficial as is floating especially in seawater.
Discuss this with a doctor, along with other ways to address your low-energy moments. They can recommend other lifestyle choices – such as diet, sleep, and exercise — to keep your energy levels high. They can also make sure your fatigue isn’t a sign of something more serious. Having a blood test done may reveal other issues that need attention.

Sea Water Benefits

Floating combats stress in two main ways. First, the water’s magnesium inhibits ACTH, a hormone that drives your adrenal glands to release the stress hormone cortisol. Magnesium also improves sleep quality, which contributes to feeling less stressed. Floating is similar, the benefits that we talk about such as anxiety and stress reduction to pain relief will be felt the most when floating is a regular ritual in your self-care routine.
What are the health benefits of cold-water swimming?
There are a number of other health benefits which include: It has been proven by scientists that by being immersed in cold water three times a week increases your white blood cell counts which helps fight infection and boost your immune system by activating antibodies and increasing the metabolic rate.

Peppermint essential oil
A small 2013 study- Trusted Source, concluded that peppermint essential oil is effective for preventing fatigue and improving exercise performance.

Sweet orange and spearmint essential oils
A 2016 study- Trusted Source concluded that the inhalation of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) and spearmint (Mentha spicata) essential oils could improve athletic performance.
Spearmint and rosemary essential oils
Another 2016 study – Trusted Source (this one done on mice) found that spearmint essential oil mixed with rosemary essential oil had beneficial effects on learning and memory, as well as brain tissue markers of oxidation that occur with age.

Rosemary essential oil
A 2012 study Trusted Source first showed the stimulatory effects of rosemary oil and how it impacts mood states as well as brain wave activity and the autonomic nervous system.
Later, a 2018 study on school children confirmed that rosemary could help focus and memory, potentially boosting memorization in school.

Lemon essential oil
An older study in 2008 Trusted Source concluded that lemon oil reliably enhances positive mood.
More research is needed on lemon-essential oil, but traditionally the scents of all citrus fruits have been proven by scientists to be uplifting.

Other essential oils that claim to boost energy levels, mood, and focus
Advocates of aromatherapy suggest that there are many essential oils that offer energy-enhancing benefits while helping to improve focus and motivation.
The following table shows which essential oils claim to boost energy, mood, or creativity. Future research will need to specify and study these claims.

Sleep More Deeply

With a blend of Rose, Patchouli and clary sage. I also love palmarosa for anxiety and sleep deprivation blended with oilive oil

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