Organic Perfume and Smell Therapy Workshop

 Organic Perfume and Smell Therapy Workshop. Learning is a journey. To blend for yourself and family is an easy exercise.   Come along and be please you did. You first need […]

Reiki Versus Hand-On Healing Chat

Zoon Chat Announcement Date 19th January 2022 Choose time                         11am to 11.30am      0r      6pm to […]

Aerophagia = swallowing too much air

Aerophagia = swallowing too much air  Let’s look at the air that we breathe in and air we create How we breathe, eat, and drink play key roles in the […]

Skin Sex -The Power Of Touch

Romantic Massage Oil On Special untill 7th January 2022 For $25 Send me a text message to order 61 413453553Skin Sex Touch is essential because of the ways it communicates […]

Cure Headaches Naturally

1.First choose to self reregulate your body. 2.Take time out each day to be silent with oneself. 3.Be in pursuit of naturally healings. 4.Be the best version of self, you […]

Borders Open

Boarders Are Open – Travel Safe With Essential Oils Watch This Quick Video   Smell Therapy For Travel Protection.  Smell therapy is very different to using essential oils for […]

Mindfulness Blog

Mindfulness is many states of mind. Lets start with this as a trial. Take a few moments each day to breath with intension. As you do -breath in and say […]

Frustration Relief

Is is so very easy to become less frustrated when you decide to work on yourself not the issue

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Via email or phone us 0413453553 within Australia Skin Sex is our Healing Section Beauty School Books is our Training Manual section Beauty Pathways Academy is our on-line school Mindfulness […]