How to Love Unconditionally & the Benefits

How to Maintain a Relationship with a Loved One  Who’s Hurt You   Realize that you can’t make people change. Determine what you need. After your needs are met, do […]

Gratitude & Mindfulness Diary

Gratitude & Mindfulness Diary With Self-Healing Concepts. Gratitude & Mindfulness Diary With Self-Healing Concepts Sub Title:-  Plus Self Help Charts & Exercises    By Robyn Ji Smith Two Days To […]

Grounding Yourself

Why Hug A Tree & Stand on Mother Earth? The Benefits of Tree-Hugging Hugging a tree is a way to connect with nature and has been shown to have positive […]

Spiritual Cards

26 Coloured Inspirational Cards To assist you with your daily mindfulness plan. 38 Black and White – Mind Reset Cards. They will prompt your new thinking patterns spiritually.   Mind […]

Dealing With Unkind Words

Learning To Accept An Unkind Word Or Action Is Your Power. More Power Comes When We Learn To Let It Go. Why we should Learn to accept an unkind word […]

Free Reiki Healings

Free Self Healing Group Gold Coast Australia Books To Assist Your New Self-Healing Journey A New Life Journey   To Be Marvelously Alive. How to be Marvelously alive.  This is […]

Energy Is Everywhere

Most people go from day to day without as much as a casual thought about their energy system, or its condition; never realizing that although it is a system which […]

Reiki Hands-On Healing

Reiki Workshop Module 1 I am elderly so be mindly I am not great at making videos but this is a great introduction into self healing. Do yourself a favour Please […]

Merry Christmas Discount

Merry Christmas Folks   Many Thanks for subscribing to my website in  2022. As a thank you please take a photo or screen shot of the voucher. When you request […]