Beauty School Books have been designed for the folk interested in adding elective studies to their diploma in Beauty.  As a Pathway to increase their knowledge and earnings.

Each training book has the important information about the subject with step by step instructions. The books also explain how to practice your skills.


To Learn More is To Earn More – After training others for over 50 years –  I feel I learnt what students need from a teacher. All students need to understand, you can only learn the main points by reading about a subject. The actual learning comes from practicing your skills with – a desire to become better. That’s  when your pathway becomes  a passion. With passion comes true enjoyment. Then the Yah in your work day follows. “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.” – Marva Collins

Learn Aromatherapy

Alluring Study of Aromatherapy, for Healers & Perfumers. A good study companion for essential oil/aromatherapy students, enthusiasts, and organic perfume designers. eBooks are available by requesting a PayPal invoice from her email account

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Learn Organic Perfume Creating.
Perfume creating is far more than a beautiful aroma. The author will explain the creation of both alcohol based fragrance creating and creating perfumes that will heal the mind body and soul. With instruction, blending calculation, health and safety issues, plus possible contraindications. 

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Organic Skincare Recipes.
Learn to mix preservative-free skincare and bath aids.  

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Face & Body Waxing Cosmetology. Learn to wax both men and women correctly, the correct wax type for each body part, the contraindication and how to fill in a client history card for the safety of both the client and your salon. Organic Skincare Recipes Edition 6: Home Made Aromatherapy Skincare Weather it is time to improve your skill or you are a beginner you will find this manual very helpful. For the eBook email me for an invoice. Or Click Here To Pay For eBook now $33

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With over 55 years as a Beauty School Teacher I have seen all methods of piercing from a hot needle with a cork ,to pushing a safety pin into the skin. My favorite method is with a catheter style needle.  This training manual on body piercing explains the latest pain free ways of learning to body pierce.  A great book to start your learning journey   

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Organic Skincare Recipes Edition 6: Home Made Aromatherapy Skincare Full Colour Copy ebook.


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Eyelash and Eyebrow Extension with steps and photos of how to practice these skills. The author has over 55 years experience as a beauty school teacher. The eBooks are available on PayPal $33



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Grafting eyelashes training manual with instructions on how to preactice the skill. By Robyna Smith-Keys who has over 60 years training experience. Buy The EBook Now $29.50

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Eyebrow Shaping To Suit Face Shapes. A wonderful guide on how to practice this skill, so you can become a professional eyebrow stylist.The eyebrows give a face character. They can either make someone look older or younger. The same can  be said about  the eyebrow colour so we included bleaching in this manual. The eBooks are available by  PayPal $33

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Design & Perform Cosmetic Tattoo Micro-pigmentation. This paperback is in full colour. Follows the International Training Protocols. Contains training video click-throughs.

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Design & Perform Cosmetic Tattoo Micro-pigmentation. This paperback is in black and white. Follows the International Training Protocols. Contains training video click-throughs. The eBook Copy available by requesting a PayPal invoice from her email account.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation Training Manual By Robyna Smith-Keys. The pages are in full Colour. The eBook Copy available by requesting a PayPal invoice from her email account

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Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation Training Manual By Robyna Smith-Keys. Black and white print.

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Skin Science

Apply Knowledge Of Skin Science To Beauty Treatments:

SIBBCCS404A – Work in a skin therapies framework (Beauty School Books Training Manuals For Beauty Pathways Academy) Paperback – November 3, 2021 by Robyn Ji Smith  (Author)

Beauty School Books and their authors present up-to-date training manuals, that follow the training codes and standards.  Learning is a journey. This skin knowledge book will set an excellent learning path in place, and assist you with where else your path must lead, with correct directions. Buy Paperback On Amazon

Hi, I am passionate about teaching and have enjoyed my life in beauty work.

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DIY Dog Care

Dog Care and D.I.Y Organic Medications: Lower Your Veterinarian Bills 

Paperback – August 9, 2017 by Ms Robyna Keys-Smith (Author)

Not everyone can afford a Vet when their, darling dog becomes ill. Nor afford all the constant medications for fleas, Arthritis, constipation, sore eyes, epilepsy and other diseases. I have shared with you all the treatments I have made for my animals for the past 50 years. Let me also say I studied Aromatherapy for four (4) years at Nature Care College Australia. I have not added any cures unless I have tried them on my dogs or unless they have been, recommended by a Veterinary Scientist.

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Spirtual Growth Books


Learn Reiki & Chakra Energy Healing.

This will assist you to become a Hands-On-Healer enabling you to heal family and friends and take you through to becoming a Reiki Master. Buy Paperback On Amazon

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DIY Chakra Balancing. An easy guide into balancing your chakra energy centers. A step towards being marvelously alive. Buy Paperback On Amazon Click  
To Become More Positive

Positive Spiritual Affirmations:

Wonderful Thought-Provoking Verses and Affirmations.  A great book for the coffee table. (Beauty School Books-Mindfulness) Paperback – July 9, 2019Buy Paperback On Amazon

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 Got It By Robyn Ji Smith

Where we build our skill – is in the practice of coming back, coming back again and again to a clean untroubled thought-provoking mindset. Notice it – think – then pause, and then come back to the present moment. Got it, is the new catchphrase to a life of unconditional love, romantic peace, inner peace and more…If you haven’t got it, get it now. Someone has to do the right thing; someone has to be in the right. Got it? Is this book better, than all the other inner peace books? Well, let me tell you a story.

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Mind Blossums

Mind Blossoms: Be Happy Within A Heart Beat (Beauty School Books – Mindfulness) Paperback – August 10, 2020 by Robyna Smith-Keys (Author)

Most mothers love their children unconditionally. Yet they struggle with the concept of unconditional love when it comes to their spouse, family members, friends and other people. We must plant unconditional love seeds in our mind and nourish those seeds. Unconditional love knows no boundaries. It allows you to love the person not their acts. This little book treasure guides you through unconditional love.

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Book Ba Ha ha Happy

Ba Ha Ha Happy!
Affirmations and verses to help with positive thinking
Blossom In Life. Strengthen your branches with happiness fertilizers. Exercise your soul. A raging fire destroys everything in its path. Then soon after everything regrows more beautiful then before. No matter how long the dam is empty, it will eventually overflow. Break free of emotional turmoil by exercising your mind.

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