Mindfulness is many states of mind. Lets start with this as a trial.

  1. Take a few moments each day to breath with intension.
    • As you do -breath in and say “I breathe in joy and happiness”. Fill your stomach with air and feel the joy.
    • As you exhale say “I breathe out all my sorrows and ask my higher power to expel my sorrow”. Push out slowly through the mouth pulling your stomach in tight.
    • Sometimes this yoga method is easy other times it takes practice.
  2. Believe you can be at peace with self and others.
  3. Trust In a power greater than yourself that can be tapped into
  4. Smell something amazing – every day smell something fresh
  5. Decide you are happy and grateful.
  6. Write at least two things down each day in a gratitude diary, that you are grateful for.
  7. While breathing concentrate on the things you are grateful for.
  8. Decide not to focus on your dramas and plan to allow your greater power to work things out for you.
  9. Feel the power of trusting that all will be well.
  10. Fake being happy until you are feeling murderously alive.
  11. Know some things you cannot fix, so practice acceptance.
  12. Be pleasing to look. By dressing in becoming colours. Be clean and tidy. This increases compliments and compliments will lift your mood. Plus, it often makes others happy.
  13. Be complimentary every day.
  14. Be pleasant to others by design. If you feel unhappy it disturbs people and there is nothing, they can do to help you. So, fake being happy.
  15. If you feel extremely upset tell a tree or throw some eggs at a tree and pretend the tree is the person you are unhappy with. Vent to the tree, not the person. They are they and you are you.
  16.  Do this every day. I set the alarm on my phone. Every day the alarm reminds me to take 5 minutes to be grateful and to release my sorrows.

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