Skin Sex for Mind Body And Soul

Skin Sex -Organic Perfumes,  Massage Oils, Smell Therapy for:-

  • Headaches – Will relieve tension headaches
  •  Sleep- for sleepless nights – Promotes more peaceful sleep.
  • Anxiety – Anger Relief- Settles your mind and calms you
  • Menopause -Less pain and sweating
  • Wake up – Helps to energize you.
  • Settle (Stomach) – Relieves sick feelings
  • Joy -Is for a better mood.
  • Anxiety Relief – Helps with depression
  • Alert -Memory improver
  • Booze Fix-Suitable for hangovers.
  • Sooths –
    They come in 3 sizes and trio packs. Plus with optional perfume pendants. By Aromatherapist Robyn Ji Smith Author of Beauty School Books. Call Robyn for pickup Southport Qld 0466 117 833 Postage within Australia $10 to $16

Night Massage Oil

Romantic Massage Oil

Romantic Massage Oil

 For a glorious date night. To increase your libido. Loaded with Aphrodisiac enhanced pure essential oils. No Preservatives 100ml $39 Postage $11

Chritmas special $30 + postage offer ends 31st January 2022

Relief From Menopause

Menopause Rrlief

 Menopause Relief

Organic 100% pure essential oils.Will lower body heat and ease pain and axiety. 100 ml $55  Comes in 50 ml as well $39

Postage $11 call or text Rpbyn 0413453553

Organic Perfume
Joy and Soul

Joy Organic Perfume

Joy or Soul Organic Perfumes & Smell Therapy. Our Range:
1. Joy or Soul Perfume 10ml Roll-on $35.
2. Joy Or Soul Perfume 15ml $49
3. Joy or Soul Perfume 30ml $89
4. Joy or Soul Perfume 50 ml $129.50
5. Joy or Soul Perfume with Pendant and 10 ml perfume. $110
Desingned to brighten your mood & give your mind a lift

Calming Blend


One whiff will settle you down. One drop on each wrist with soothe you.

  1. 10ml $33
  2. 50ml $75
  3. Postage $11

Sleep More Deeply

Sleep – Sleep more deeply with our pure organic sleep oil.  No preservatives No Nasty Chemicals

Ingrdients: Coconut
Chaomile German
Clary Sage
Orange Sweet

10ml $21 , 50ml $39 100ml $ 59

Energizing Blend

Energy Oil – Wakeup and feel alive is a great morning oil ,3 drops massaged into your sola pelxus will assist with energy renewal. 10ml $21, 50ml $39 100ml $50

Headache Relief

Headache Relief

Headache Relief

Warning: The 10ml is for “Smell Therapy” and not suitable to massage on skin.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Jojoba, Chamomile, Rosemary, Lavender, and Peppermint. $39.50

The 50ml comes in two formulas

Formular 1 – Is suitable for smell therapy and massage of the body and face but to be kept away from the temple area. Peppermint can energize you and it is best not to use in the evening as a massage oil. $59
Formular 2 is suitable for tension headaches as it does not contain peppermint it is suitable for massaging the temple area and any other part of the head and body. $69

Mosquito Organic Blend

Organic Mosquito Oil

Mosquito Oil- No preservatives Mosquito Repellent is 100% pure Essential Oils and 1st-grade olive oil in a therapeutic 100ml glass bottle. $37.50

Ingredients: Lemon eucalyptus, Rose geranium, Citronella. Gives 3 hours of protection.

Ph: 0466117833