Eyelash and Eyebrow Extension Training Manual

Eyelash and Eyebrow Extensions

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A few pages from the book demonstrating your step by step instructions.


Book Index

Appointment questions. 4

Patch Test 6

Tray Setup. 8

Procedure. – Eyelash Extensions. 10

Eyelash Material 15

Eyelash shapes. 20

Answers for clients. 28

Technicians duty of care. 32

Procedure Explained In More Detail. 34

Eyelash Protocol sheet 49

The Most Important Steps. 53

The Amount of Glue. 56

Eyelash Glue. 63

Beauty Slant Position. 67

Natural Eye Cleansing Solution: 68

Removing Eyelash Extensions. 72

Test 1 Eyelash Extensions. 77

How to submit your exams. 79

Forms for client 80

Add your disclaimer at the bottom of the Clients form.Test Two, 83

Eye Anatomy. 85

The basic processes of cell growth are: 87

The Anatomy of the Skin Around the Eyes. 89

Eye diseases. 92

Eyelash Transplants. 98

Eyelash Growth Cycle. 99

Maintaining Healthy Skin Around the Eyes. 102

Eye Treatment 103

Train Your Client Brochure. 106

Aftercare dos and don’ts. 106

Eyes Draw Creams In. 111

Aromatherapy Skincare. 114

Making Skin Care. 115

Aromatherapy Eye Exfoliate. 122

Aromatherapy Do’s and Don’ts: 126

To reduce, puffy eyes. 127

Aromatherapy Safe Oils. 128

Aromatherapy Contra-indications. 133

Important Factors. 134

Test Three. 138

Advertise Your Service. 140

Test Four. 142

Test Aftercare Instructions. 142

Test Five. 145

Test Six Written exam… 145

Party Lashes. 149

Eyelash Education. 152

Applying Glue to Strip Lashes. 155

Party Lashes, Verses Grafted Lashes. 158

Watch You Tube Video. 160

A Typical Eyelash Extension Kit 162

Health and safety. 166

Dear Student 167

Certificate Course. 170

Required Skills And Knowledge. 171

Dear home user, 172

Eyebrow extensions. 2

Tinting the Eyebrows: 13

Other books by this Author. 16

A-Z Index. 20

The index is a very helpful place to find what you need to know right now. However, I feel it is best to settle back with a cuppa away from the maddening crowd, and read the entire manual first

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Exam on Eyelash Extensions Example

Test Six Written Exam

Typical Eyelash Extension Exam Questions.


1. How long do eyelash extensions last?

A.    One week.

B.     Four weeks.

C.     Depends on your lash cycle.

D.    They last forever.

Answer – “C”


2. Can you apply mascara to your extension /volume   lash extensions?

A.    No. It is not recommended to apply mascara to extension /volume  lashes.

B.     Yes, any kind.

C.     Yes, it is recommended to wear mascara every day.

D.    Yes, water-based mascaras only. But it is recommended not to wear mascara

Answer – “D”


3. How often should you cleanse your lashes?

A.    Every day.

B.     Never.

C.     Once a week.

D.    Twice a week.

E.     At least 2 – 3 times a week. However, if you want to keep your lashes super fresh and fluffy you should clean them every day especially if you wear eye makeup or have oily skin. But, never on the day of or the day after the extensions are applied.

Answer – “E”.


4. Which situation may cause damage to your natural lash?

  1. Using Cyanoacrylate in your adhesive.
  2. Sealing the lashes after application.
  3. Using blunt tweezers.
  4. Attaching one extension to multiple natural lashes.

Answer – “A and D”


5. Which lash extension will shed first.

  1. The extension placed on the anagen lash.
  2. The extension placed on the catagen lash.
  3. The extension placed on the telogen lash.
  4. They should all shed at the same rate.

Answer – “A”

Eyelash extension should never be applied while the lashes are in Anagen phase as they are still too delicate and is not strong enough to hold the eyelash extension. Lashes that are scheduled for refills are usually at Telogen phase.


6. Traction Alopecia is caused by:

  1. An auto-immune disease.
  2. A bacterial infection
  3. A pulling force being applied to the natural lash.
  4. Blepharitis.

Answer – “C”

Traction alopecia results from continuous pulling force on the hair roots. This happens when the glue sticks to more than one lash.


7. It is not recommended to use the following lash diameter for extensions.

  1. .05
  2. .07
  3. .10
  4. .20

Answer- “D”

The higher the diameter, the thicker and heavier an extension is. The most commonly used diameter for Classic Application is a . 15. .18 and .20 are also used, but not recommended due to the heaviness of those diameters.


8. Which curl is the most popular for extension

  1. J-Curl
  2. B-Curl
  3. C-Curl
  4. D-Curl

Answer – “C”.


9. Which element causes extension glue to weaken instantly?

  1. Tears
  2. Water.

Answer – “A”.


10. What method do you use to disinfect your tweezers?

  1. Acetone.
  2. Hospital grade disinfectant.
  3. 90% alcohol.
  4. They should be scrubbed with green soap under running water.
  5. They need to be autoclaved after scrubbing at a scrub sink with green soap. Then wiped with 90% proof alcohol.

Answer – “E”.


11. True or False.  It is important to perform a patch test on every client prior to applying a full set.

Answer – “True”

Your clients can develop an allergy to adhesives even if they have been receiving lash services for a long period of time without difficulties.


12. True or False Blepharitis is a common eye disorder that results in inflammation of the eyelids, causing red, irritated, itchy eyes, and the formation of dandruff like scales.

Answer – “True”.

13. True or False It is typical for up to 5% of your clients to develop an allergy or sensitivity to lash adhesive at some time.

Answer – “True”.

14. True or False  I can reuse my tools after cleaning them with hospital grade disinfectant

Answer – “False”.

15. True or False  Wearing contact lenses during a procedure will cause problems

Answer – “True”.


16. True or False. Post-Care includes giving your client after-care instructions

Answer – “True”.


17.  True or False. Your clients can develop an allergy to adhesives even if they have been receiving lash services for a long period of time.

Answer – “True”.


18. True or False. You should paint the natural lash with adhesive prior to placing your extension

Answer – “False”.


19. True or False. It is safe to apply up to 10 fine extensions onto one natural lash.


Answer – “False”.