At Beauty School Books We Encourage Students to Develop Mindfullness

Practice Mindfulness Daily
Make It Daily Practice


nans Littles tins of inspirations

1st Believe you can be at peace with self and others.

2nd Trust in a power greater than yourself that can be tapped into

3rd Take a few moments each day to – breathe with intension.

4th Decide you are happy and grateful.

5th While breathing concentrate on the things you are grateful for.

6th Decide not to focus on your dramas and plan to allow your greater power to work things out for you.

7th Feel the power of trusting – that all will be well.

8th Fake being happy until you are feeling marvelously alive.

9th Know some things you cannot fix, so practice acceptance.

10th Start a gratefulness diary. Do not forget to add your wishes.

11th Smell something fresh – such as a flower, orange skin, lemon skin,

12th Believe and Breathe

I created this page because it encourages me to be mindful and grateful every day. I have an alarm on my phone. When it sounds, I stop what I am doing and remember to take a few moments to balance my chakras, write something in my gratitude diary and breathe new miraculous life into my mind body and soul.

Sometime ago I created a perfume called “Joy” and another one called “Soul”

You might like to grab a bottle to assist you – in feeling more marvelously alive.

It took me many years to get the formula just right. I have had some lovely feedback, from people using these totally pure organic essential oil blend fragrances.


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