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Reiki Online Certificate Training

1st Enroll and pay 

2nd Your learning material arrives via email.

3rd  Download Skype so we can meet via a video call. 

4th Connect with your personal teacher via skype. 

5th Start your learning and fill in questions and answers forms. 

6th Setup a video sessions with your teacher for personal guidance sessions. You have unlimited sessions with the teacher for six weeks.  

7th You will have lifetime support for the rest of your teachers’ working life.

Cost $250


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 Course Duration:-  Six weeks. With a Live Teacher.

 At the completion of level one you will be ready to heal yourself, family and friends at no cost to them.

 At completion of level two you will be ready for your paying customers. However,  you will need public liability insurance. 

Some local health departments in some countries require you to have  a first aid certificate.

Included In This Professional Course.

Course Training Code

  • Accredited course details 10410NAT – Certificate IV in Energy Healing (Reiki Treatment) (Therapeutic Touch) Follows all Government Training Standards
  • A Live Teacher – That connects with you personally and is passionate about your learning effectiveness.
  • Books on Reiki and Chakra Balancing
  • Wall Charts
  • Tests with personal guidance, so no one fails. Set out in such a way the answers are simply based on commonsense.
  • Certificates for Level 1 and 2.

Reiki & Chakra Self-Healing Charts

Reiki self-healing chart

Reiki Self-healing and Chakra Manifesting Charts.

Reiki Self-Healing Chart Instructions
Chakra Energy Balancing Chart

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Reiki Chakra & Manifesting Learning Manuals


You were born with the power to self-heal and to give healings to others. It is easy to learn, and the benefits are outstanding.

When I was young it was called Hands-On Healing. Now there are accredited course called Reiki.

Reiki is a healing technique that uses the flow of subtle energy to promote wellness and balance. Reiki can heal various aspects of the mind, body and spirit/soul.


Reiki can:

  1. Accelerate healing.
  2. Assist the body in cleansing toxins.
  3. Balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages.
  4. Help you or the client contact and align you or the client with the “healer within.”

Hands-on-healings have been practiced since Adam and Eye were created. The healing therapy called “Reiki,” was created by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui over a hundred years ago, it is based on a simple spiritual principle: We’re all guided by the same invisible life force, and it controls our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When the energy flows freely, we can tap into unknown reserves of power. When it runs into blockages (often said to be caused by negative thinking, unhealed trauma, or stress overload), we function at a suboptimal level.


While this may sound like voodoo magic to some, even nonbelievers who have spent an hour with a skilled Reiki master (as they’re called) have felt a positive shift of some sort. Many describe Reiki sessions—a combination of light touch and above-the-body energy sweeping—as calming or grounding. And for others, it feels more like an emotional realignment.


 Reiki will –

Reduce stress and promote relaxation

Bringing about inner peace and harmony

Balancing the emotions and releasing blockages

Improving sleep quality and energy levels

Alleviating physical pain and improving mobility.


First Step: Receiving Energy

To begin any Reiki practice, you must activate the energy within yourself. Close your eyes and take a few s;ow deep breaths. Imagine the crown of your head opening and a stream of healing white light flowing from the heavens above into the top of your head, into your heart, and out through your arms and hands. Ask to be filled with divine healing energy.


As you feel the flow of energy, continue to breathe, and if you find your mind gets busy or starts to question whether this is working, come back to your breath. Envision yourself as a vessel for healing. Then set an intention or prayer to receive healing of the highest good. In the diagram Above I have added some hand positions and a few words you can say as you hold your hands on each body part.

Reiki Training Manual

Paperback book Learn Reiki Energy healing

 eBook Version Click and pay $23. I will email PDF file to you


      Learn Reiki Energy Healing Edition 5

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Reiki Hands-On Healing Full Coloured Training Manual. Buy On Amazon



Learn to perform Reiki Energy Healing

Learn to Perform Reiki Energy Healing. Training Manual Buy this black & white copy on Amazon

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Edition 5 Reiki Black & White Paperback, learning manual. This book also comes in Full Colour
You were born to heal and you have the skills. Let us ignite the skills. This book covers the practice skills for parts 1 to 3 Accredited course details 10410NAT – Certificate IV in Energy Healing (Reiki Treatment) (Therapeutic Touch)
Self-healing modalities to cleanse your mind body soul and protect yourself from negative entities, the use of sacred sounds. How to understand the nine basic personality types, several forms of meditation, Chakra balancing, sin, smell therapy, crystal energy, mindfulness, and all the requirements to becoming a Reiki Master.
You were born to heal.

Three other books to aid your spirituality - happy to be alive journey.

Chakra Balancing Traning Manual

Edition 3 now available on Amazon

DIY Chakra Balancing Buy Edition 3

 Paperback now.

Diary on Gratitude and Gratefulness'

Gratitude and Gratefulness Diary

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Mind Blossoms A book to help reset your mind.

Mind Blossoms Paperback filled with –

Affirmations and guidance on living a spiritual happy life.

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All Cells in our body produce electrical charges. Our thoughts, also create electrical charges. Our thoughts also cause biochemical changes that result in a feeling or an emotion, those feelings then create magnetic charges. They merge with the thoughts that create the electric charges to produce a specific electromagnetic field equal to your state of being. Chakra balancing is not new The chakra system originated in India about 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas – the practice of balancing chakras is new to many in the modern world. Chakras refer to various energy centers in your body that correspond to specific nerve bundles and internal organ. You simply use your visualization skills and mind to balance the 7 main chakras.
Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are all electromagnetic in nature. When you pay attention to something, the vibration of energy in your electromagnetic field that attracts experiences associated with it comes to life. We can change our reality when we discover our deeply held beliefs. When you focus your attention on an idea constantly, it becomes more strongly magnetized, and thus, has more power to attract people and things to it.
    Trick your subconscious mind.
What are some techniques or tricks to reprogram your subconscious to attract what you want? As you learn how to align your subconscious and implement conscious attention to achieve your goals, the magic wonders in your life will occur.
These books step you through the required knowledge and instruct you on how to balance each chakra, Heal yourself and others with Hands-on healing and assist you to be more marvelously alive.

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First – You and everyone on Earth can heal themself and others. It is within us all. It is your birthright and you do have the power. Step onto the journey pathway with me and learn how to heal yourself, your family, your friends first.

Learn to feel reiki energy