Nans 1st Tin of inspirationn cards
26 Coloured Inspirational Cards To assist you with your daily mindfulness plan.
38 Black and White - Mind Reset Cards. They will prompt your new thinking patterns spiritually.


Mind Reset Cards Nans Little Tin For Daily Inspirations & Affirmations.

A Soulful life lived well needs a daily plan.  I pray my families tradition gives you as much help as my nan and my mums tin of cards helped me get through the tough times. They were also a great character check, to guard my character wisely. Now in my late 70s I decided to create my own tins of inspirational cards.

Let us set the Tone for your mind reset button.

The Mind Reset Cards are crafted prompts to keep you thinking mindfully. A transformative and deeply introspective tool designed to guide individuals on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth. No one knows what they do not know.  They will assist you in weaving your mind muscle, building elements of gratitude, self-reflection, goal setting, and self-care, empowering individuals to overcome doubts, nurture confidence, shed self-limiting beliefs, and cultivate a resolute growth mind reset.

My Grandma Born in 1889 taught us the importance of replacing negative thoughts with wise mind patterns. At tea time my Nan would shake her little tin and say pick one. My Mum carried on this tradition daily. Now I lovingly share my version with you. Happy inspired minds need a daily action plan to become self-motivated.


Fan the cards out with the blank side up. Each day after a few deep cleansing breaths, pick a card. Read & Reflect on the verse.

As you take another deep breath say out loud.

 I will become a better version of myself by: –

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs.
  • Turn my “shoulds” into “musts”
  • Amplify my strengths & develop new ones.
  • Develop a growth mindset. plan.
  • Throw out expectations of others.
  • Meditate daily
  • Journal all I am grateful for.
  • Learn to give reiki

You were born with the skill to heal yourself and others – activate it. Never give up your right to be humanly wrong. The woods would be silent if only the birds that had a perfect sound sang.

To have a life of being marvelously alive we need daily prompts and an action plan. I will give purpose to my life and chase my dreams starting from to day


Hello-  I am Robyn, A Clinical Aromatherapist, Beauty Therapist, Hairdresser, Reiki Master, Author, Palmist, Numerologist, and I am passionate about helping folks to know what they don’t yet know.

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